About Sessions at the Presidio

The name “Sessions” comes from the British term “session beers”. The story goes that during WWI in England, munitions workers had to take long breaks between double shifts. Those breaks were often taken at the local pub where the workers enjoyed multiple pints of ale along with lunch and lively conversation. In order to still be in working condition after the “session”, the workers would partake of the lower-in-alcohol but still very flavorful ales available. Hence, “session beers”.

The cuisine at Sessions is focused on seasonal plates intended for sharing. Their partnership with Skywalker Ranch in Marin County enables them to feature locally grown fruits, vegetables and herbs. The fresh meats and seafood served at Sessions are always naturally raised and sustainably harvested. With these ingredients, Chef Santos Lugo creates refined and approachable dishes which reflect a sense of the place that they are happy to call home.

And of course there is the beer. With a large selection of different craft beers, including 24 draft offerings, as well as the occasional home brew, beer lovers are sure to find a perfect beer to pair with the delicious cuisine.